Bosch Rotak 36 R Electric Rotary Lawnmower, 36cm Cutting Width

The Bosch ROTAK 36 R Electric Rotary Lawnmower, with a respectable cutting width of 360mm, is packed with performance enhancing features which help to prevent mowing your lawn from turning into a chore. The ROTAK 36 R's high torque Powerdrive motor is built to deliver a reliable cut even in difficult conditions, so you don't need to worry about snagging on particularly tough or overgrown grass. Attached Grass Combs draw in bordering grass for an extra precise cut, particularly useful along lawn edges. Additionally, a capacious 40 litre grass collection box seldom requires emptying, making the ROTAK 36 R suitable even for large lawns. Optimal control & handling is provided by advanced ergonomic handles, fitted with multiple grip points for different user builds & mowing styles, & rubber coated wheels for smooth running over bumpy terrain. An integrated carrying handle & lightweight 12kg construction also allow the lawnmower to be picked up & carried without …

Forest Master 6.5hp Wood Chipper

Forest Master 6.5hp Wood Chipper
The slender design, large wheels and well balanced construction allows the chipper to be maneuvered easily. and can easily fit through a standard garden gate.
For your safety the FM6.5WC has an emergency stop brake. This is activated by the bar surrounding the feed chute opening.
FM6.5wc utilities Twin reversible Blades that allows it to effortlessly munch through tree branches of up to 80mm the chipper does requires minimal self-assembly, approx 20 minutes.

Technical Specifications
Engine - LCT Maxx series Four Stroke 6.5 Horsepower 208cc
Chipper Capacity - 3CM - 5CM per hour
Wood Diameter - 80mm Diameter
Chipper Blade - Twin reversible blades
Tires - 4.10/3.5-4
Overall Height - 1080mm
Overall Length - 1700mm
Width - 580mm
Weight - 85kg
Roller Max Speed - 2400rpm

Chipper is shipped dry - 4 stroke engine oil MUST be added prior to use

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Sanven 300W Watt 12V AC Wind Turbine Generator With 6 Blades Light And Powerful 350W Watts Max Electricity

Technical Parameters
Rated power:300W
Rated voltage:12V/AC
Rated current:25A/12.5A
Rated speed:900r/m
Max power:350W
Number of blade:6 pcs
Starting wind speed:3m/s
Cut-in wind speed:4m/s
Cut-out wind speed:15m/s
Security wind speed:40m/s
Rated wind speed:12.5m/s
Engine (generator):Three-phase permanent magnel generator
Rotor diameter:1140mm
Blade material:Carbon fiber reinforced plastics
Output line anti-winding device:Overall three-phase commutator
Over-speed wind protection:Tip stall protection and turned protection and Electromagnetic brake
Life span:15 years
Equipment surface protection:Aluminum oxide and plastic coating
Working temperature:-45°C-70°C
Wind turbine is a long term investment. Before purchase,need to consider if it can use 10 years or less and installation and ownership cost.
Hyacinth wind turbines do better in two points and can do much more:
1. Efficient aerofoil profile blades
2. Durable construction and modern materials
3. Every turbine is finely balanced
How To Use
Please refer to…

Gardman Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder

This simple but highly effective Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder ensures that those pesky squirrels cannot pinch the nuts meant for wild birds! This is a quality construction of stainless steel and aluminium which means that is strong durable and impenetrable by squirrel's strong teeth. If a squirrel should approach it from above and attempt to climb down to the feeding section its bodyweight will cause the protective sleeve to lower and save the peanuts for your feathery visitors.Frustrated and hungry squirrels will tirelessly seek out any opportunity of a vantage point from which they can bypass the mechanism of this feeder and leap directly onto the nut cage. Therefore you must hang it so that the squirrels can ONLY approachfrom above. Wherever you hang your feeder be certain to use the supplied wireto suspend the feeder at least one foot below the hanging point.BTO approvedWith disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RS…

Oregon ST250E 36V Cordless Trimmer/ Edger

Oregon cordless trimmer/edger is innovative 0.80-inch string trimmer line reduces cracking, abrasion, and breaking. Low drag SuperTwist design for longer run time. Ergonomically engineered to be light-weight and balanced. Silent between trimming, and 4 times quieter than a gas trimmer. High capacity cells. No-fade power maintains performance throughout the job. Ready to go when you are. Starts immediately without the hassles of fuels or cords. Cordless battery packs are compatible with all Oregon cordless tool system products.

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The BC520 petrol strimmer by Trueshopping boasts a high power to weight ratio combined with a high torque and rapid acceleration for greater performance.

The durable strimmer has a twin line and a 3 toothed cutting blade, making it ideal for professional clean-up jobs, including clearing out tough weeds and bushes.

Whilst striving for efficiency and power, the BC520 also comes with safety and comfort in mind:
• The BC520 comes with a free ergonomic harness, which spreads the load, improving comfort and efficiency.
• A bike-style handlebar is included to prevent an uneven load being placed on the user's back.

Please ensure correct petrol/oil mix is used. 25/1

• Engine Displacement: 52cc
• Engine type: Air-cooled, Two-stroke, gasoline engine
• Power transmission method: Automatic centrifugal clutch, spiral gear
• Carburettor: Diaphragm
• Max. engine speed (min-1): 10,000
• Max. Power: 2.2KW / 3HP
• Idle Speed (min-1): 3000
• Ignition: CDI
• Stopping Method: Sparking Circuit Primary…

Terratek Compact High Pressure Power Washer 1850W, 135 bar, Turbo Nozzle, Lance, Car Washing Brush, Detergent Bottle & Trigger Spray Gun

Terratek 1850W Compact High Pressure Power Washer, 135 bar, Turbo Nozzle, Jet Lance, Car Washing Brush, Detergent Bottle & Trigger Spray GunThe ultimate dirt fighters, Terratek pressure washers are ideal for tackling a variety of light-to-medium duty cleaning jobs. Use it to clean cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, patios, decks, barbecues, and more.Packed with a powerful 1850 watt motor, Terratek power washers deliver up to 135 bar of cleaning power and a maximum flow rate of 7.1l/min, which means you'll get your cleaning chore done faster and easier with less strain and fatigue.Extend your cleaning reach with the long lance, which features an adjustable spray nozzle to easily change the water pressure from an intense, zero-degree jet spray to a gentle, 45-degree fan spray. Plus, Terratek jet washers are lightweight and compact so you can easily wheel it from one cleaning task to the next. Safety features include a trigger safety lock, Auto start/stop function technology an…